Cousins Double Tine

New Beet Tines for good root shape

Cousins of Emneth unveiled their new Double Tine for strip till’ at Lamma 2015, the latest product of their i-tillage project with agronomists Hutchinsons. Building on the success of their Micro Wing, Double Tine has been developed to ensure beet can root freely to depth forming the ideal root shape for ease of complete lifting with no ‘fanging’.

The leading Micro Wing penetrates to 75mm with minimal surface disturbance, working a strip just 100mm wide. Mounted in the same assembly a ‘shoe’ tine follows in line, penetrating to 300mm depth.

Besides vertical root development, other benefits include minimised loss of moisture, soil stability thanks to retained stubble; no need for a cover crop such as barley and reduced weed germination reducing herbicide inputs. Establishment costs are greatly reduced as no prior cultivations are required on the majority of beet growing soils. On heavier beet growing soils the initial cultivation should be done in the autumn and refreshed in the spring at drilling.

Deeper soil stability ensures easier harvesting and reduced soil tares. Trials during 2014 have seen the Double Tine increase yield by 6% over conventional cultivation. The adjustable tines are set at 50cm row widths for beet seed can also be utilised for OSR, maize and field beans. Their minimal surface disturbance reduces weed control costs across all crop types sown

They can be used on existing V Form cultivators, replacing sub soiler legs when fitted with a leg zone press.

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