Norfolk Cultivator

The ‘Norfolk’ Cultivator is a heavy duty tined, general purpose cultivator. Uses include primary cultivations directinto stubble etc. and deep loosening of ploughed work in the Autumn. It has also been used successfully in the Spring toloosen and aerate the ground prior to forming beds and de-stoning for potatoes.

It is also ideal for cross dragging destined potato land after harvest to remix the stones and help prepare a seedbed for the following crop.

The machine comprises of a 3 bar frame made from 150 x 100 x 10mm box section and fitted with heavy duty rigidsteel tines. Each tine is held to the frame in a moveable bracket. The tine is shear bolt protected. Points arereversible. A pair of 610mm x 200mm (24” x 8”) steel depth wheels are fitted as standard.

The heavy build of this machine, along with the correct angle of point penetration and the upright nature of the tine stemensure a consistent working depth, with good soil mixing and breaking effect. Increased clod reduction and moistureretention is achieved by adding the optional rear attachment Razor Rings (@ 200mm) Toothed Packer, 24” Crumbler Barrel or 24” Solid Coil.

Working widths:

Rigid models: 3m; 4m

Folding models: 4m; 4.5m; 5m; 5.5m; 6m

Cat II & III linkage standard. Special linkage settings on request.
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