V-Form Soil Looseners

Effective configuration of offset tines is proven much more efficient than standard single beam alternatives. The leading tine disturbs the soil for the following tines, achieving a complete movement of soil across the working width of the frame, intensifying the cultivation. The rear attachment disperses the suction from the tines into useful energy for crushing, levelling and depth control. The result is elimination of large clods, good moisture retention and a level surface finish.

All V-Form models can be fitted with Cousins original level lift subsoil legs or ‘Quickfoot’ legs with 1 bolt fixing for minimum down time. A choice of rear attachments is available (please consult Cousins).

Medium duty

Cat 2 linkage; 150x100mm toolbar; shearbolt protection; 150x25mm legs; choice of crumbler, toothed packer or solid coil; 450mm depth wheels; max working depth 350mm (14”)

No wheels; no rear attachment; disc assemblies; cultivation bar.

Rear attachments
24” main crumbler, 24” diameter solid coils, 24” toothed packer, razor rings.

Working widths
7’5” (2.25m), 9’ (2.75m), 10’8” (3.25m)

Heavy duty rigid

Cat 2&3 linkage; 200x100mm toolbar; 200x25mm legs; 610mm (24”) diameter depth wheels; choice of crumbler, toothed packer, solid coil or razor rings; max working depth 510mm (20”); centre tine bracket will take mole leg.

No wheels; no rear attachment; disc assemblies.

Working widths
7’5” (2.25m), 9’ (2.75m), 10’8” (3.25m), 12’4” (3.75m), 13’11” (4.25mm)

Heavy duty trailed rigid

17” depth/transport wheels; drawbar; rear attachments.

Working widths
10’8” (3.25m), 12’4” (3.75m), 13’11” (4.25mm)

Folding V-Form- linkage mounted

The effectiveness of the heavy duty V-Form, with compact 2.8m transport width. Choice of 24” crumbler, 24” toothed packer, 24” solid coil or 650mm razor rings (200mm spacing).

Working widths
4.5m, 5.0m, 5.5m.

Fully trailed folding V-Form

Fully trailed; 3m transport width; choice of toothed packer or 650mm razor rings (200mm spacing).

Working widths
5.5m, 6.5m, 7.5m.
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