15-18m Cambridge Rolls



The essential ingredient with any Cambridge roll is in-built weight and Cousins’ Contour new 15.4m, 16.5 and 18.3m models weigh over 10 tonnes making them our heaviest and widest rolls ever.

There is more to big rolls than weight alone. Confronted with large acreages, the tractor driver with a standard 6 or 8 metre roll is inclined to go as fast as possible to get the job done. Unfortunately this is not the best way to achieve uniform results with good consolidation.

It is much more effective to set a steady pace with a heavier, wider machine. A growing number of farms have already upgraded from 6m to 12m machines enabling twice as much rolling to be achieved per shift. The new Contour models simply extends the principle for even greater benefits. This working width is also ideal for farms operating a system with 30m tramlines.

The new 7 gang designs are fitted with a heavy duty hydraulic system for smooth folding and unfolding.

Working widths:
15.4m, 16.5m, 18.3m

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