Furrow presses

Furrow presses are available with razor rings offering the flexibility to match varying soil conditions.

They are an effective alternative to both broad profile cast rings which can prove excessively heavy and narrow profiles which cut clods on heavy soils but are liable to sink into lighter areas.
Each ‘razor ring’ has a flat angular profile enabling a clod cutting action with the leading edge, whilst the broad angular profile gives a firming and shaping effect. The shape is efficient and effective on varying soil types, leaving a continuous ridging profile and consistent consolidation across the working width. Razor rings simplify press maintenance as they cannot come loose on the axle, break or require removal for bearing replacement.

Manufactured using a unique process (patent pending), the razor ring is formed from two dished discs fitted face to face to form a press ring shape with a relatively sharp leading edge. The rings are then mounted onto a 275mm diameter continuous tubular axle to form a rigid structure. The whole assembly run on bearings (mounted on the outside) and fitted with adjustable close scrapers to keep the rings free from soil build-up.
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