Universal Levelling Harrow

Designed and manufactured to make a good, finished, clod-free seedbed for sugar beet, corn, peas etc. at speed and trouble free. The heavy scrubber board carries the hills to the holes and together with the smashing, crushing effect of the heavy steel crossbars a gradual breakdown is achieved.

The harrows are available as standard with 80mm cross beam and 22mm (18”) diameter tines or as heavy duty with 100mm cross beam and 25mm (1”) diameter tines. Crumbler barrels are also available as standard or heavy duty versions (14”). Mini coils (13” diameter) hollow or solid can be fitted instead of crumblers.

Rigid models: 8’ – 14’ (2.44 – 4.27m)
Hydraulic Folding models: 12’ -20’ (3.66 – 6.1m)
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