Type 28 - ‘Springboard’™ Packa-Rolla (Double Row)

Standard Features:

•  2 Rows of Leading Tines - Individually adjusted for depth and pitch. Can be set to suit soil conditions and work deeper in tractor wheelings. Tines staggered in 2 rows giving 300mm spacings. Or 2 Rows of Flexx Tines - broad leaf spring tines more suitable for working directly into stubble.

•  Followed by the Springboard™ Levelling System - Single row of individual springing sections, angled backwards. Each tine carries a ‘Paddle’ that levels and tills. The pitch can be varied hydraulically whilst on the move to cope with varying soil conditions across the field.

•  2 Rows of 650mm (26”) Razor Rings or 28” Cast Press Rings – Rings set at 200mm centres on each axle. As rings are intermeshed a100mm spacing is achieved overall. Scrapers are fixed between the back/rear row of rings.
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