8m Precision Seedbed Harrow

Cousins have combined a number of their cultivation attachments to produce an effective, single pass seedbed system. The two rows of straight leading tines offer individually depth adjustment for penetration within tractor wheelings. These are followed by a full width, hydraulic Springboard with springing elements.

Next comes a 450mm diameter tyre roller which crushes and firms any clods while providing depth control to the forward area of the harrow, comprising a 4 bar levelling section with sharp straight tines which further reduce and level the seedbed.

Finally the 500mm fine finish crumbler conditions and firms the surface as well as controlling the rear working depth of the harrow section. The result is a well drained seedbed that will resist redistribution by drying winds.

Individual models can be modified to the operator’s preferences by optional components such as coils, toothed packers, razor rings and springtines. The whole assembly folds hydraulically to 3 metres for road transportation.

2 rows of straight leading tines with individually depth adjustment, hydraulic springboard, 450mm diameter tyre roller, 5 row section of straight spring tines and a fine finish crumbler.

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User Story: Still Committed to Beet

Wisbech based farm contractor Nigel Harrison, trading as HAC Ltd, had as bad a beet campaign as anyone, losing over 30 acres of beet due to deterioration and 300 acres of contract lifting due to the same problem, but he freely admits he is still committed to the crop, even after such a big hit. “But it needs specialist kit and sizable investment demands acres. The loss of efficiency equals loss of profit!” ....Click here to read more

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