Cousins ‘Swiftine’ fills a gap in the market

For over 60 years Cousins of Emneth have built tough cultivation equipment for British and overseas farmers, constantly re-appraising current designs and developing new systems to meet the changing needs of today’s farming industry. With the pound low, there’s never been a better time to buy British cultivation equipment designed and built by people who understand British farming.

They recently had an approach from Martin Pears Engineering in Devon who were looking for a one pass cultivator to replace the discontinued ‘Speed Harra’ for farmers wanting quick and effective seedbed preparation.

Cousins proposed a new ‘Swiftine’ design as a tough and reliable substitute.
The Swiftine Harrow has a floating headstock, 4 rows of 12mm straight or S springtines and robust front and rear 13” cage roller made from twisted flat bars for strength and longevity. The mats are adjustable and can be raised and lowered on all 3 setctions by manual winders with course thread which is greasable in the adjusters. The cultivator has a 2.2m transport width with hydraulic front and rear rams for folding and a posistive locking mechanism along with LED lights on the rear.

The one pass cultivator is available in working widths of 4m, 5m and 6m.
Swiftine has already attracted customers in Devon and Cornwall and is now available to Cousins customers across the UK and abroad.
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