Razor Rings

Razor Rings have been developed as an alternative to cast press rings and the usual rear attachments found on heavy duty cultivators.

Manufactured using a unique process, the Razor Ring is formed from two dished discs fitted face to face to form a press ring type shape with a relatively sharp leading edge. The rings are then mounted onto a large diameter continuous tubular axle.

The whole assembly runs on bearings, which are mounted on the outside. Adjustable close scrapers are fitted to cleanbetween the rings.

Each Razor Ring has a flat angular profile enabling a clod cutting action with the leading edge, whilst the broader angular profile gives a firming and shaping effect. The shape is efficient and effective on varying soil types making it a versatile cultivation tool. A continuous ridging profile to the soil is the result in most conditions with a consistent consolidation effect across the full machine working width.


•  650mm diameter rings
•  Rings can not work loose
•  No spokes
•  Leaves a weather-proofed corrugated finish
•  275mm diameter centre tube
•  No intermediary bearings
•  Solid and sturdy construction
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