3m Patriot combination cultivator

Farmers are particularly impressed by the hydraulically controlled disc sub-frame that can be adjusted to the desired working depth while on the move. Further flexibility is provided by a turnbuckle enabling the sub-frame’s pitch to be varied so the front gang can be set more or less aggressively than the rear according to the soil conditions.

Not only does it offer effective single pass cultivation for tractors under 200 bhp but also offers saving of several thousands of pounds compared to many large scale systems .

The 500mm (20”) diameter disc blades are mounted on hubs with greasable taper roller bearings. The units are individually mounted on rubber suspension at 150mm (6”) centres.

The rigid loosening legs can be set to work between 150mm (6”) and 400mm (16”), depth control being by pin adjustment on the rear press. Cousin’s own ‘Quickfoot’ one piece bolt points are fitted as standard with ‘Level Lift’ and other points also available.

Depth of tillage is controlled by the 650mm Razor Rings which leave a firmer, ‘weather proof’ corrugated finish. There is a choice of 150 or 200mm spacing. Depth is by pin adjustment.
Toothed packer and heavy duty coils are offered as optional accessories.
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